Weddings: Choosing the Evening Music

The possibilities for choice of music for the evening celebrations at weddings depends on several key factors, so it’s an idea to consider all of them in the early stages of the planning:

• The size of the evening reception venue: A large gathering of between 200 – 300 guests in a grand hall or ballroom will easily get the most from an orchestra, dance band or live band, whereas a smaller venue may dictate that music has to be from a quartet, disc-jockey or from pre-recorded playlists.

• The facilities of the evening reception venue: some venues do not have a live music license and may even be subject to restrictions as to when the music has to stop. Double check with the venue before booking a musical act or a disc-jockey.

• The layout of the evening reception venue: some venues are split into distinct and separate bar and ‘dance’ areas. This may influence the choice of music as a combined, rather than split layout might mean that if live band is too noisy for some guests, they might leave, whereas in a split venue they can retreat to the bar area!

• Someone to take charge: if the venue is not involved in the music there needs to be someone in the wedding party who can oversee the musical arrangements. This could be as simple as putting on a CD whilst the band sets up in a larger venue, or being a hands-on disc changer in a small venue!

Finally, although it’s the bride and groom’s day and their tastes take an obvious priority, do also consider that guests will want to enjoy themselves too, with dancing and with talking, so include music options which accommodate a range of tastes and ages, at a volume that allows for chat and socializing throughout!

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