Wedding Weight Loss and Diets

Many brides decide they would like to lose some weight before their wedding day. This may be a good idea; however, there are many things to be considered. It isn’t ever sensible to go on a “crash diet” to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Invariably, the weight lost is immediately regained once the diet has been completed.

Another consideration is to make sure the wedding dress hasn’t been bought before the diet has finished, otherwise an expensive dress might need extensive alterations. It is essential to take advice from a doctor as to whether he feels whether going on a diet is necessary.

Once the doctor gives the all-clear to go on a diet and having established how much weight should be lost the best way to proceed is through a combination of diet and exercise. Never attempt to lose more than 1-2 lbs (l kg) each week. Losing more than that amount will mean that it will be difficult to maintain the weight loss later. Regular exercise is really important to make the most of any change in diet. It may be a good idea to join a gym if there is one local to home or work. If this isn’t possible a really good alternative is to ask a friend to exercise at the same time. Having someone else sharing the effort and also the opportunity of being able to discuss it with someone is always helpful.

Regarding a suitable diet – it may be that looking at portion control, eating the normal diet if it is a healthy one, but in smaller quantities and ensuring that there is plenty of fruit and vegetables within the diet, together with some exercise, may be sufficient to lose enough weight in plenty of time for that very special day.

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