Wedding Reception Seating

When it comes to arranging a wedding, there are so many tasks such as getting the dress and suits, ordering the flowers, deciding on the guest list and then arranging seating for the reception. When it comes to arranging your wedding reception seating, you may be dreading this task as you may have heard complaints from others about how difficult it was. However, it does not have to be a huge headache and the following are a few tips to help you ensure that it is done right.

  •  The first thing to do is to speak to the person in charge of the reception to see how much space there is available to you. You need to know how many tables will fit and how many will be able to fit on each one. You will have your replies at this stage and will know how many people will be attending so the venue coordinator should be able to give you an idea of the best seating plan for the number of people that you have.
  • You then need to decide on how you would like the tables to be arranged. It is important to think about the head table and how it will be situated in relation to the other tables. It is always better to have fewer tables with more people at them, than lots of tables with fewer people. You should also leave allowances for guests who let you know at the last minute.
  •  The head table will usually consist of the wedding party, i.e. the bride, groom, bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen as well as the bride and groom’s parents. If there is not enough room at the head table for your parents, you should make sure they are situated on the table nearest to the head table.
  • When sitting people at particular tables, you should try to put people that know and like each other, together. This will ensure that they enjoy themselves and that there are no conflicts.
  • If there are small children invited to the wedding then make sure they will be at the same table as the one their parents are at so the parents can supervise them.
  •  If there are any solo guests, then try to place them at a number of different tables. It would not be a good idea to put all solo guests on one table as the conversation might be strained when none of them know each other.

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