Wedding Gown Fitting Tips


Every woman should feel magical on her wedding day.  A huge part of that magical feeling (aside from marrying the man of her dreams) is feeling beautiful in her wedding gown.  The wedding dress is the one dress that no woman should have any doubts about how good she looks in it.

Many women will often have an ideal weight they would like to be on their wedding day and diet to reach it.  However, the right dress with the perfect fit has the power to shed pounds and flatter any body type.  There are things to keep in mind to ensure a wedding gown fits like a glove:

  • Bigger is better – Wedding gowns are traditionally bought some time before the wedding with the bride having a plan in mind about weight loss.  It is important to buy a gown for the size that the bride is at that moment in time, not what she hopes to be on the wedding day.  Simple alterations can be made to make the dress smaller but it is extremely difficult to make a wedding dress larger.
  • Alterations – A bride should make appointments for the dress to be fitted and altered on separate occasions as the wedding draws closer.  It is a good idea to watch how much weight is being lost or gained and make appointments accordingly but a base of two dress fittings before the wedding is normally sufficient.  Of course from the last fitting to the day of the wedding, it is important for the bride to maintain her weight, not losing or gaining anything if possible.
  • Full dress rehearsal – Wearing the exact same clothes that will be worn in the wedding is the best way to ensure that everything will look just the way the bride wants it to on the big day.  Underwear and shoes can change the appearance of a dress dramatically.  If the bride loves the way the dress looks in the alteration appointments with her chosen underwear and shoes, she can be sure that she will love the way it looks and feels on the day of the wedding.

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