Rehearsal Wedding Dinner Tips

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family, become acquainted with new in-laws and relatives and generally relax and begin the wedding celebrations. Often hosted by the groom’s parents, it gives the married couple-to-be the chance to thank people for support and make sure that everyone is ready for the special day.

With the dinner usually being an informal affair, it presents an ideal chance for everyone to be introduced and break the ice, and will often make the actual wedding run more smoothly. This could be the time to give gifts to the attendants, thank them for being involved, and make sure that anyone who has made a special effort is thanked appropriately.

To ensure that the rehearsal dinner remains an informal and happy affair, the following tips may prove useful in the planning of the meal.

  • Plan a different style and menu to the actual wedding meal. If the wedding is a formal sit-down dinner, then try a dinner buffet or even a picnic for the rehearsal meal. Use a theme such as Hawaiian Luau or a Greek meze to make it a little more fun.
  • A sit down dinner in a private room can be great for a large party. Have a cocktail hour before the dinner with hors d’oeuvres to give guests the chance to meet and mingle.
  • Make sure that everyone is introduced to each other either formally or individually. Finding something personal to say about each person can help guests remember each other and is also an opportunity to thank special people for help and support.
  • A nice touch is to show home movies or videos of the bride and groom in their younger days, or have childhood photos enlarged and displayed at the venue.

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