Planning For a Winter Wedding

The word “wedding” often conjures up an image of a happy couple having their pictures taken in the full bloom of spring or summer. However, it is becoming increasingly popular for couples to have winter weddings. The allurement of a magical glistening setting with the snow shining like millions of Swarovski crystals is appealing to more and more couples. Planning the ultimate white wedding takes much careful thought.

Britain is known for its cold winters but it can often be hit and miss as to whether the weather will produce beautiful white snow, or grey days and drizzle. Many people planning a winter wedding choose to get married abroad in a country where pristine snow is guaranteed.

Keep warm
Winter wedding styles must combine glamour and practicality. A wedding dress that would look gorgeous in summer may lead to the bride feeling rather chilly in the winter. A good shawl which matches the style of the chosen dress is a great way to keep warm without losing any of the details in the dress. Bridesmaids should have the same option.

Winter colours of blues, reds and greens are an ideal way of complimenting the surrounding natural colour pallet of a snow covered setting.

Seasonal flowers are always the best option for any wedding due to price. It is expensive to order exotic flowers that are not normally found in winter. Thankfully though, winter flowers such as Lilies, Holly and Roses are effortlessly elegant and give an air of sophistication to any event.

As with any wedding, it is the attention to detail which will make the wedding unique and tie everything together. In the case of winter weddings, it is easy to create a magical and romantic feeling by incorporating diamonds or pearls in jewellery, crystals in the centre pieces for the tables. Candles are also a great way to create warmth and intimacy.

A wedding in winter, more than any other season, has the ability to sparkle. The festive season is one of the most magical seasons of all and with some careful planning, a wedding at this time of year can be as stunning if not more so, than a summer wedding.

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