Conflict-free Diamonds for Your Perfect Day

Your wedding day is THE perfect day in your life. You’ve spent many weeks and months (perhaps even years) planning every detail of the day – from the dress to the guest gifts. All will be beautiful and just perfect.

However,  do you know the origin of the diamond in your ring? Despite huge efforts by the UN, there are still so-called ‘blood diamonds’ on the market. These diamonds are mined in some African countries under inhumane circumstances. They are then smuggled by rebels who use the money they get for the diamonds to buy weapons and ammunition.

When you are buying your wedding rings, the one thing that you need to be sure of is that your diamonds are conflict-free. This is quite easy to do. The UN has embarked on a system that countries have to follow in order to prove that the diamonds come from legitimate mines. This is called the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Your jeweller should be able to produce the certificate from that scheme.

Another way of tracing the origin of your diamond is through yet another certification process called the System of Warranties that shows the history of the diamond from the mine to the jeweller. If your jeweller can’t produce this certificate you have the right to be suspicious of the diamond’s origins.

Of course you can insist on diamonds from Canada, Russia, Australia and even some African countries like South Africa where diamonds are mined within the parameters set by the UN. Another way of ensuring that you get conflict-free diamonds is to shop at reputable department stores such as the well-known Tiffany & Co. They follow a stringent process of selection to get the best diamonds strictly from conflict-free zones.

Don’t bring the conflict to your wedding.

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