Wedding Invitations: Six Sensible Thoughts

Sending out those invitations really makes the wedding ‘official’ so here are six tips for getting the most from the invitation process!

1. The accepted time for sending out invitations is about two to three months in advance of the wedding, but do give extra consideration to the time of year. If the wedding date falls within a popular holiday period, potential guests may already have made holiday arrangements, so either send out invitations early or send ‘save the date’ cards as soon as the date is fixed.

2. Where possible, ensure that priority guests for both the bride and groom are invited, even if this does not lead to an even spread of ‘his’ and ‘hers’. The day’s about being with those important people, not about one having to exclude good friends whilst the other invites acquaintances just to facilitate an even split of guests.

3. Make sure of numbers. This is critical whether the invitations are to be home-made or ordered. Make sure that a complete list is finalized and that everyone’s working from the same list!

4. Keep a clear, separate list of those ‘reception only’ guest invitations, so that there is no muddle when the invitations are written and sent. When using numbers for catering etc, don’t forget to add the number of the ‘all-day’ guests to the numbers invited separately for the evening.

5. Make an early decision on whether to hand-make invitations, buy ready-made or order customized invitations. Add the time required for ordering or making to the timeline for sending them out, so that there’s no delay in getting them sent promptly.

6. Finally, save time and postage by enclosing any additional information in with the invites. For example, include menu choices for meal-reception guests, so that when they RSVP, they can also pass on their choice of meal.

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