Wedding Hairstyles

The best thing to do before her wedding is for the bride to visit her hairdresser with a good friend who can give a meaningful critical opinion. Have a photo of your wedding gown handy which will make it easier to match a hairstyle to the dress. A golden rule – the bride’s hair should complement the gown she wears.

Here are a couple of celebrity wedding styles:

  • Anne Hathaway’s hair looked elegant. It was softly waved to gently fold into the an up style done up on one side of her head and spreading slightly onto her face, creating a totally effortless look;
  • Dianna Agron from the TV drama ‘Glee’ preferred a classic style. She had her beautiful long, hair set to have it loose and softly curling off her face. She finished off the style with a touch of class – a crystal and diamond brooch. Dianna’s dress was off the shoulder with her hair flowing sown to meet it;
  • Talented singer, Rihanna had an unusual choice of hair style for her wedding. Her secret was in the cut – short back and sides with longer, heavy bangs in the front. The bangs were flat-ironed to one side and then ‘textured’ to make them look structured and to create an overall rock-star appearance;
  • Leighton Meester from ‘Gossip Girl’ had her gently waved tresses pulled into a half ‘up do’ to create a soft, captivating picture. Her slightly blonde ends highlighted the overall finish;
  • Claire Danes, TV, stage and film actress wanted to look sophisticated to walk down the aisle. The hairdresser teased her hair to give it extra height and then pinned it into a low tidy ballerina-type bun – beautiful!

How do these ideas sound – all different and all uniquely created for the individual bride?!

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