Decisive Questions about Wedding Flowers

Comparatively, flowers are a small part of a wedding day, but a part which can take a significant amount of time when deciding what you want, so consider our checklist of questions, designed to help you make those key floral decisions!

• Real or artificial?
Both real and artificial flowers can look fantastic on the day, but whilst one could offer a lasting reminder, the other wilts; one offers scent whilst the other doesn’t; one could stain clothing and aggravate anyone with allergies, whilst the other won’t – the pros and cons of each are endless, so ask yourself early on which type you want to go for?

• Types of arrangement?
The number and type of arrangements will depend on many things, including size and type of venue, whether it’s a simple or grand wedding, a formal or more informal setting and of course, budget. Consider your backdrop first, including the dress, and ask yourself which types of arrangement would best suit the plans you have already made.

• Made-up or self-arranged?
Whether you have chosen real or artificial, you will then have to decide if you are going to create your own arrangements and bouquet or have these made for you. Making your own is time consuming, but gives the best option for getting exactly what you want and can be completed well in advance if you are using artificial blooms. Conversely, creating your own arrangements with real flowers will demand time within an already busy pre-wedding schedule.

• Ideas about colors?
A dress that’s not a traditional white will automatically dictate on what colors may or may not be the best base for flower arrangements. It’s then a case of deciding if the dress’s colors complement the flowers or the flowers complement the dress!

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