Ideas for Edible Wedding Favors

If you are looking for wedding favors that your guests will love then you may want to consider edible wedding favors as these will definitely put a smile on your guests’ faces. However, the usual edible favors of candies, almonds or chocolates might be something you want to steer clear of as they are very common. If you want to provide favors with a difference then you may be open to some suggestions. The following are just a few ideas for edible wedding favors:

  • If you want to buy honey jars and servers to give as wedding favors then you will be able to find these in wedding stores. You could also provide little jars of honey to go with these items to make it more interesting. There are also mini boxes of mini jars of honey that you can buy which come with a special wooden server. Alternatively, you could make up your own mini jars as this might be more cost effective and more personal, especially if you add your own personalized labels.
  • If you have ever brewed your own alcohol such as wine, cider or beer then this could be a great idea. Making your own brew for your guests would be a lovely idea and you could even get special labels printed up for each individual bottle.
  •  Mini cakes or cookies are another great idea. A little box of mini muffins is very attractive and your guests would love it. When presented in a personalized box, it would definitely be a wedding favor your guests would talk about for some time.
  •  In the same way that honey would make a lovely wedding favor, so too would special preserves. You can choose from sweet and savory and they would make a wonderful gift idea.

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