What to Wear To a Wedding

Gone are the days of ‘dressing up’ to go to go out, but a wedding is an entirely different story! Traditional wedding etiquette states that only the bride has the privilege of wearing white. This is purely out of respect for her – a rule that never goes out of fashion.

Look carefully at the invitation. Is it fun or formal, is it an inside venue or an outside covered venue, is it at the beach, or a survivor-style island, or perhaps in a game park?! Sometimes the invitation will state ‘Formal / Black Tie’ or ‘Beach Wear’ or ‘Safari clothes’! Now it’s known what ought to be worn, it just has to be found.

As far as accessories go, look at venue and theme: always useful to bring an umbrella, no high heels or open shoes at the beach, hat and sun cream a definite. On safari, bring a large hat, loads of sun cream, casual and luxurious shoes, and oh, maybe a shotgun for those laughing hyenas!

A lady can wear a short dress, a cocktail dress, either with or without a hat and gloves, or an elegant 3-quarter dress, or a long glamorous dress, even a lengthy glitzy gown. Men need a black suit after 12 pm, a patterned black tie is allowed with plain white shirt, tuxedo when specified, definitely not for day-wear (!), and a white suit is possible for a morning affair. Modern cities like Los Angeles or New York, will allow careful clothing creativity here and there for both sexes. See-through garments are totally taboo, and ladies, if you need to ask whether your outfit is appropriate, it probably isn’t!

How things have changed – a beach wedding, a safari wedding? The simpering Southern Belles would simply have fainted in fear and disbelief!

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