Weddings: Catering Do’s And Don’ts!

Once the perfect venue’s secured, the catering is the next item on the to-do list for a wedding! If a caterer is going to be used, here’s a quick idea of dos and don’ts to ensure all goes smoothly with this very special meal!

• See if the venue has any caterers that they recommend, as they will know their way around the venue’s facilities. However, follow up to see if they are recommended by anyone else, in case the recommendation’s a deal between the venue and the caterers!

• Check early on to ensure that the caterers can meet any special dietary requirements – vegetarians, nut free, diabetics etc. Ensure that you know this information about guests who are coming!

• Ask about the wine as a separate issue: is it included in the quote? If so, do they charge for any wine that remains unopened?

• Make sure that deposits are paid on time, as the caterers will obviously need to buy the ingredients. Ensure that you know when and how the final bill should be settled.

• Check with the caterers and the venue to ensure that the clearing away is going to be done by one or the other!

• Don’t just assume that waiter service is included as part of the catering quote – check to make sure.

• Don’t wait until the last minute to give updates of numbers: if you know of any changes, let the caterers know straightaway and ensure you adhere to any deadlines for informing them of the final guest numbers.

• Finally, don’t forget to check about the cake. This is usually separate from the catering, but find out if the caterers will oversee the cutting and sharing of this to guests and boxing up of any remaining cake.

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