Weddings: Thinking About Cake!

The wedding cake is not just part of the wedding meal; it’s also part of this traditional symbol of the bride and groom’s togetherness, which is shared customarily with the guests. As such, the wedding cake falls outside of the catering remit and is a wedding essential in its own right, so what do you need to think about?

• A decision on how many tiers to include on the cake should be influenced first by the number of guests invited (assume a piece for each guest invited, including those who were unable to come) and then by budget.

• The next decision is the flavor and type of cake. The great thing about having several tiers is that potentially each one could be a different type of cake, great for accommodating dietary requirements of guests or the bride and groom’s personal preferences.

• Once a decision’s been made on the type of cake, there are several options for the next step:
o Having a cake made to order by a specialist baker such as India Cakes or confectioner.

o Buying a standard cake from a reputable food retailer, either fully iced or for icing and decorating at home.

o Having the whole cake made and iced by a willing friend or relative.

• Planning the cake should start well in advance, partly to give the baker (or willing relative) plenty of notice and partly so that it can be one thing that’s actually ticked off on the to-do list!

• Another decision to make is agreeing the final decoration of the cake. Current popular choices include flowers to match the wedding blooms, candles and wedding monograms which carry the initials of both the bride and groom.

• Finally, contemporary cake thinking is wider than ever before, from cupcakes to cheesecakes to traditional, anything goes, so thinking outside the wedding cake-box is cool!

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