Preventing Wedding Gift Theft

It’s one of your worst nightmares: discovering that some or all of your wedding gifts had been stolen. Of course you are upset about the theft, but more so valuable and sentimental gifts from friends and family were never received and you will be unable to thank them appropriately for their gift.

There are several things that you can do to prevent your gifts from being stolen:

Check with your wedding reception venue if they have security cameras and security personnel on-site. Will the guards be available at the reception site to watch the gifts, as well as get rid of any wedding crashers?
One of the best strategies is to set up a gift registry and request guests to send any gifts straight to your home or the home of someone your trust. This will prevent the opportunity for crashers to walk off with your gifts.
Decide if you want a gift table at all. Should you put a table at the reception, place it as far away from any exits as possible. You could also ask one of the wedding party to keep an eye on the gift table during the reception.
Another way of keeping gifts – especially cash and cheques – safe is to personally receive them from the guests. You could also put the gifts in a locked room until everybody has left the reception.
Don’t be afraid to confront a wedding crasher and have him / her removed from the reception by either security personnel or one of the members of the wedding party.
A good way to ensure the safety of your gifts is to insure them. Insurance companies will pay out claims as long as the theft is reported immediately.

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