It Takes Patience and Understanding to Get to Know Stepchildren

It is always a difficult task to become a friend to step children. It is hard because there may be so many factors to be considered when marrying someone who already has children from a previous marriage; with so much to think about the feelings of these kids sometimes get forgotten.

Many children just need to be asked what they feel and think about the forthcoming union between their parent and their intended partners. They need to know that what they think counts. By talking to them about the plans ahead it will mean that they feel like their thoughts and feelings really do matter and it is a great way of making friends with them from the very beginning of a relationship.

With older step children it is often easier for the relationship to blossom into a friendship and acceptance that maybe a new person will be introduced into the fold but with younger kids it can be hard for them to understand why a parent would need a new partner. By discussing the situation with them on a level that they understand step children may appreciate the circumstances and it helps them accept that a new person on the scene will be a good thing for their parent and ultimately for them too.

You cannot buy a child’s affection, it has to be earned and the only way of doing this is by being more understanding towards them. Parents remarry for many different reasons and children do not always see these as an adult does. It may take a while to earn a child’s trust but then that is to be expected so patience is an absolute necessity when learning how to deal with a step child who is having problems in understanding why a parent has taken a new partner into their lives and home.

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