Tips to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows is the perfect opportunity to say all of the things you love about your future spouse. These vows can make a wedding ceremony very personal compared to the more traditional vows.

Before making the decision to include personalized wedding vows in the ceremony, do consult with your future spouse and celebrant. Some religions require that the traditional vows be used; others prefer that certain phrases are included in the vows. Also, decide whether individual vows are to be spoken or one set of vows spoken by both.

Ask Yourself Questions

To write those all-important words, it may help to ask yourself some questions about your loved one. What is the greatest thing about this person? When did you fall in love? How did you know you wanted to marry this person? Ask yourself what marriage means to you and the most important promise you want to make to this person. The answers may help to shape the wedding vows.

Other important questions may involve favorite memories of the relationship, childhood dreams of marriage and how marriage may change the relationship. Include questions about hopes and desires, and what you would like to hear from your future spouse too.


Looking at other wedding vows as well as love poems and famous phrases or stories about love may provide inspiration. Perhaps there is a quote, which sums up your feelings that may be included in the vows. Struggling with words may be simplified when reading what others have said to each other on their wedding days.

Enlist Help

A close friend may prove helpful once the vows have been written. Constructive criticism and advice will help to fine-tune the words and make the vows special, individual and from the heart.

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